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Advancing wellness in resorts

Ask: Develop a luxury resort concept for eager travelers looking for an upscale getaway and unique experience.

ProblemThe current U.S. resort category solely focuses on idle relaxation experiences, disregarding the mindfulness sector of wellness.

My Role:
3D design

Mobile app design 

Strategic development

Creative concept

Audience research and segmentation

Situational analysis

Arianna Gordon (Brand Manager)

Andrew Krysinski (Brand Manager)

Justin Zollar (Brand Manager)

Solution: Launch Aura Resort, the first resort in the U.S. that utilizes and explore the unique benefits of plant-based medicine.


Due to the pandemic, the hotel and resort industry has seen drastic fluctuations, reaching a peak of $1.52 trillion in 2019 and a decline of $1 trillion in 2021. However, with the world gradually emerging from lockdowns, there is a growing desire to travel and partake in experiences missed. 


Travel, an Opportunity to Improve Mental Health and Wellness

The desire to travel has evolved

With the pandemic causing significant impacts on mental health, now not only are vacationers looking for travel opportunities to relax, but they’re also looking to improve their physical and psychological well-being. 


A New Era of Mental Health

Today, mental health and mental health remedies are no longer taboo. People are increasingly open to exploring plant-based medicines for their health needs, such as psilocybin (mushrooms), cannabis (THC), and cannabidiol (CBD). Alongside this consumer trend, legislation is actively being passed to legalize plant-based medicines on state levels.


The intersection of these trends has led to an emerging health movement: transformative wellness. As consumers seek ways to take control of their health, there is a demand for reliable information and guidance from experts. 

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A Gap in the Resort Market

Because no resorts in the U.S. offer plant-based healing experiences, people are now traveling to retreats and resorts across the globe, such as Myco Meditations in Jamaica, Synthesis in the Netherlands, and The Buena Vida in Mexico. 


With the current U.S. resort market solely focusing on idle relaxation experiences, there's a gap in the mindfulness sector of the wellness resort category.


There is lucrative opportunity to capitalize on the intersection of wellness travel and plant-medicine.

Business Implications

The plant-based medicine market is expected to reach $10.7 billion by 2029, and the global wellness market will reach $1.2 trillion by 2027. (Bloomberg, 2021) 

The first all-inclusive plant-medicine resort in the U.S. would be a market leader, leading to strong brand recognition, customer loyalty, and the ability to shape the category. 

Target Audiences

The Affluent, Experienced Adventurer

45+ years old, $250,000+ income 

Needs: a relaxing escape to find their true self 

The Mindful Nomad

25-40 years old, $100,000+ income

Needs: a comfortable vacation to improve mental and physical wellness

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Located in Yachats, Oregon, Aura is the first all-inclusive upscale wellness resort in the U.S. The resort incorporates approachable plant medicine practices, taking guests on an intentional journey that expands their horizons and welcomes them to the future of natural healing.​

Brand Identity

Aura Brand Identity
Aura Manifesto

Aura's mission is to make plant-based experiences approachable for vacationers on a journey of self-discovery.

Its approach allows for emotional and creative breakthroughs, personal growth, spiritual development, and reconnection with oneself and the outside world.

Brand Video

Resort Concept

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Aura Map 2.png
Aura Van.png

Let's Take the Aura Shuttle Around the Resort!


Aura guests are welcomed in the earthy, natural lobby, where they can check in, receive their care package, and enjoy the mocktail bar and wellness café.

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Aura Resort offers three room options: The Dreamy QueenThe Kinetic King, and The Synergy Suite.


Each room features beautiful Oregon coastal views, a personal balcony, an in-room coffee/tea bar, a personal safe, high-speed internet, and a 55-inch 4K HDTV with surround sound for an immersive experience.

Restaurants & Bars

Fitness Center, Spa, & Meditation Areas

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Fitness Center: Gym, yoga studio, sauna, pool 

Spa: Facial rooms, massage rooms

Meditation Area:  Group meditation area, individual meditation rooms

Ceremonial Outdoor Spaces

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Aura's ceremonial outdoor spaces are used for mindfulness activities such as meditation sessions, affirmation workshops, breathwork sessions, and integration sessions.  


Psilocybin Package

1:1 intake calls with the plant medicine wellness team and on-site pharmacologist

Upscale accommodations

Immersion in the natural beauty of the Oregon coast

Plant medicine dosage and intake method recommendations

2 psilocybin ceremonies

1 micro-dosing activity

4 wellness workshops with local Oregon plant-medicine facilitators

3 nutritious meals per day

Optional off-resort excursions*

5 days = $4,250
7 days = $5,950

Activities & Amenities 

*activities can incorporate plant-based medicine

Aura Amenities .png

Website & App

Aura App

Before booking at Aura, guests can learn more about plant-based medicines, safety protocols, and practices on the website or app. 


When they’re ready to book, they’ll be prompted to complete an intake survey with an Aura expert to determine the best package suited to their needs.  


Aura Resort is a purposeful trailblazer that seeks to advance the current function of wellness throughout the U.S. by incorporating plant-based medicine practices.


Aura envisions a future that expands people’s mindsets toward plant-based medicine and makes these practices approachable. As more states legalize plant-based medicines, Aura wants to stake a claim and shape the path of transformative wellness in the United States.

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