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Pioneering an untapped market (again)

Ask: Extend the Chobani brand into the cosmetics category.

Problem: The skincare market is overwhelming with complex products and routines, deterring beginners from the subject. 

Solution: Yüz: Chobani's Greek yogurt-based skincare brand that simplifies skincare with all-natural, accessible products for novices, pioneering a niche market.

My role:
3D design
Packaging design
Brand audit

Consumer profiles

Hannah J
ackson (Brand Manager)
Allia McDowell (Brand Manager)


Chobani: Turkish, noun, "shepherd."

Chobani was a trailblazer in the yogurt industry by introducing affordable organic Greek yogurt to the U.S. market. With the purpose of "making wellness happen sooner," Chobani has been dedicated to improving people's health since 2005.

As the market leader in the $8.6 billion U.S. yogurt category, Chobani holds a 20.8% market share and a 43.5% market share in the Greek yogurt category. (SEC, 2021)

With its brand trust and history of innovation through diversified product offerings, Chobani is ready to enter a lucrative category, cosmetics, furthering its purpose. 

The U.S. cosmetics market was valued at $51.16 billion, with skincare holding a 41% market share in 2021. (IBIS World, 2022)


Yogurt Benefits Beyond Just Gut Health

Recent research has revealed that yogurt possesses numerous health advantages beyond its nutritional value, including benefits to the skin. 


Skincare Routines are Complex

Skincare products currently available in the market are often packed with synthetic components that can be more harmful than helpful. 

“The more ingredients we use, the more it can damage our skin barrier and microbiome, and the more we remove the essential nutrients [it needs] to function properly.”

- Elsa Jungman, skin pharmacologist and microbiome expert

For newcomers to skincare, the variety of products, intricate routines, and puzzling labels can be daunting, sometimes leading them to have no skincare maintenance at all. 

60% of consumers report they feel uninformed about proper skin cleansing methods.

CeraVe (2018)

52% of consumers use bath wash or hand soap to cleanse their face, while about one-third only use water. 

CeraVe (2018)

We conducted a primary research survey and found that of 233 respondents, one out of three people did not have a skincare routine. Why?


Did not learn about skincare as kids


Think skincare is too time consuming


Never learned what a skincare routine should be

To them, the most important factors when choosing a new skincare product were:

  1. Recommendations from personal resources

  2. Accessibility of stores

  3. Cost

An Untapped Competitive Landscape

Only one U.S. brand offers Greek yogurt-based skincare: Korres.


Sold at a high price point ($28 for a 5.07 fl oz cleanser) and through limited channels, Korres is a complex product for advanced skincare consumers, solely serving the market. 

Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 3.41.38 AM.png


Chobani has the opportunity to launch the first Greek yogurt skincare line in the U.S. that is made with all-natural ingredients, is simple to use, and is easy to purchase. 

Target Audience

Skincare novices.

Needs: Convenience, simplicity, multipurpose, affordability

Film overlay.png

For You, by YÜZ

Yüz is Chobani's Greek yogurt-based skincare brand that focuses on sustainability and accessibility, shepherding those who prefer a low-maintenance skincare routine. Its high-quality products are made with natural ingredients, making skincare effortless and easy for anyone.


Turkish, Noun
"Face" / "Expression"

Product Line

The Yüz skincare line includes a simple three-step routine with a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.


Each product is stored in a refillable glass bottle that comes with a reusable metal pump.

Bottle Return Initative

To uphold their commitment to sustainability, Yüz will offer customers a discount on their next purchase when they return their empty Yüz bottles. These bottles can be shipped back to Yüz directly or returned to Target.


Products will be sold and distributed online through Yüz’s website, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS.
(Stores with which Chobani already has an established distribution relationship) 

In-Store Pre-Launch

Chobani's Plain Greek Yogurt will be temporarily rebranded to promote the Yüz brand and educate existing customers about the additional benefits of Greek yogurt. Instead of solely promoting consumption, a recipe for a face mask is included to highlight its potential uses beyond a dietary staple.

Getting the Word Out

A (2).png
To generate excitement, Chobani's Instagram account would feature teaser images that reflect Yüz's imagery, style, and textures leading up to the brand's launch. Following the launch, Chobani would continue to promote Yüz on its own account, and Yüz would also have its own dedicated Instagram account.
Given the success of Chobani's #SwitchTheFlip trend, which garnered 8.4 billion views on TikTok, and the popularity of skincare content on the platform, creating a new TikTok trend for Yüz could greatly increase awareness and reach a wide audience of skincare novices.


Chobani has shown years of innovation through its product expansions over the past few years, always after its brand purpose "to make wellness happen sooner." 

Now, with Yüz, Chobani can once again be the pioneer of a new category and provide accessible, high-quality products to consumers. 

Acting as a "shepherd" to skincare novices, Chobani, as a parent company, would see market share growth and evolve to become a health-forward brand that encompasses both the food and cosmetics industries.
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