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Revitalizing a historical community
*Live Client + Winner*

Ask: Create a brand identity and experience for Sauer Properties' forthcoming mixed-use development in Richmond, VA

Problem: As times evolve, Richmond's history and culture remain deeply rooted and too invaluable to be completely overhauled. 

My Role:
Client management

Team lead

Brand audit

Creative management

Brand strategy


Kendall Boron (Art Director)

Emily Day (Strategist)

Mark McColey (Copywriter)

Meaghan McFarland (Experience Designer)

Solution: Mainline by Sauer, homage to the industrial glory days of Richmond, drawing inspiration from the electronic transit system and C.F. Sauer Company.


Capitalizing on Richmond, Virginia's rapid growth, Sauer Properties is revitalizing an industrial downtown area into a lively neighborhood with a 200,000-square-foot mixed-use development, creating a 24-hour community with social and professional amenities. 

Sauer Properties: A private real estate company formerly owned by C.F. Sauer Company.

400_0824 (2).jpg

Richmond Has Always Been an Unheralded Forerunner

In 1888, Richmond established the first

city-wide electric transit system in the U.S.,

the Richmond Union Passenger Railway.

One year earlier, C.F. Sauer founded his namesake company, which by the 1920s would grow to become the largest producer of extracts and spices in the country. 

Both transformed the city and nation. 


Today's Renaissance: Micro-Mobility

Now, as an emerging tech hub, new residents are migrating from nearby metropolitan areas of D.C., Baltimore, and Virginia Beach. These "metro-migrators" are looking for multipurpose communities that breathe new life into the "surban" landscape by catering to residents, employees, and shoppers.


Fostering Community and Connecting Culture

How can Sauer's new neighborhood in Richmond, a mere 62.57 square mile city with approximately 20 neighborhoods, connect metro-migrators to locals and the city's rich culture to evolving times? 


Sauer Properties has the opportunity to revive and modernize the spirit of the Union Passenger Railway, ushering in Richmond's present-day Gilded Age with a nod to its last. 

Mainline Branding1.png

Nestled at the junction of the historic Fan, the bustling neighborhood of Scott’s Addition, and the soon-to-be revitalized Diamond District, Mainline by Sauer is not only the conduit for a reconnected Richmond but a natural destination for the city’s growing population of new residents.

Brand Identity

Mainline Branding  10.png
Mainline Branding 3.png





Mainline by Sauer's brand identity pays homage to the industrial glory days of Richmond, drawing inspiration from the electronic transit system and C.F. Sauer Company. 

Brand Values

Mainline Values.png

Legacy: Under the Sauer banner, we'll revive the spirit of the Union Passenger Railway by reconnecting iconic Richmond neighborhoods.

Centrality: To embrace Richmond's growing population, we'll create a new city center where we can commune. 

Reciprocity: Our curated retail partners will work in partnership to reinvigorate the surrounding neighborhood

Brand Experiences

Mainline provides connectivity and ongoing engagement to locals and new residents through Sauer Station, an event space exhibiting the city's culture, and the Mainline Trolley System in partnership with RVA Tours. 


Mainline's website serves as a valuable resource for not only prospective residents but also for anyone interested in the neighborhood's experiences, highlighting the concept of new urbanism and the dynamic culture of Mainline by Sauer.

Getting the Word Out

Whether arriving by train, plane, or car, Mainline is the first to welcome visitors to Richmond. 


With a focus on legacy, centrality, and reciprocity, Mainline by Sauer aims to connect Richmond's iconic neighborhoods, embrace the growing population, and foster community with locals and new residents alike. 

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