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Traveling to new territory

Ask: Take digitally native brand BÉIS to a new territory through an experiential brand initiative. 

Problem: The traditional travel industry and concierge programs have become outdated for modern-day travelers seeking assistance in planning their next trip. 

My Role:
Video animation

3D design


Creative ideation

Brand audit

Solution: Nueva Travel by BÉIS, a digital concierge program and experience hub that elevates the travel experience from planning to returning home. 

Emerald Grippa (Brand Manager)

Arianna Gordon (Brand Manager) 


BÉIS, founded by actress Shay Mitchell in 2018, provides stylish and affordable luggage for individuals with active lifestyles who value both functionality and aesthetics.

As travel restrictions were lifted, BÉIS experienced a surge in sales and had an opportunity to expand beyond its signature luggage and bags to further its promise of "giving everyone the opportunity to pack up their stuff and hit the road with bags."


Travel Services No Longer Satisfy the Demands of Modern Travelers

Coming out of the pandemic, people yearned for travel and new experiences they missed. But, searching for the perfect destination and deal is overwhelming and time-consuming. 

Traditional travel concierge services are outdated, exclusive, and don't offer many domestic options. 

Current Travel Concierges

Primarily serve the top 1% and the upper-class.

Market and cater towards older generations.

Focus on international travel locations and extravagant, expensive activities.

Travel is More Than Just the Destination

The needs and expectations of travelers have changed. Modern-day explorers seek customized and exceptional experiences that are also affordable. They crave new experiences, whether it's exploring new places, trying new activities, or meeting new people.


Elevate the travel consumer journey, from planning to returning home, with modern and tailored travel concierge services.

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A Digital Concierge Program and Experience Hub

Nueva Travel is your well-traveled best friend that pulls together all the travel pieces from beginning to end.

We ease you into new travel experiences as a travel concierge.


App Features

Member profile, travel memory feed, & reviews

Friends list of NUEVA

Travel members

Trip itinerary, bookings, reservations, tickets, and other information

NUEVA Travel Bestie contact and messaging

Trip "wallet" that has ID, insurance, vaccination, and tickets

Travel tips, recommendations,

and testimonials

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Experience Hubs

NUEVA Travel hubs offer exclusive activities and a place to unwind for members. With hubs in major U.S. cities, these exclusive activities are locally curated to show the culture and vibrance of each city:

Los Angeles
New York

NUEVA Travel: Los Angeles 

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As a trusted brand with a loyal following, BÉIS can address evolving consumer needs and personalize travel experiences with NUEVA Travel. With NUEVA Travel besties available to members 24/7 and experience hubs nationwide, NUEVA is building upon its strong sense of community.
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